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Welcome to Studium Online.


Important Information: Non-migrated Hohenheim user accounts were blocked!

The migration phase of the Hohenheim user accounts had ended on Monday June 25nd, 2018 9:00 clock.

Unlocking of the Hohenheim user account can be requested by phone, personal or by e-mail at the IT-Service-Desk.

Please here login to examination management with your Hohenheim user account.

functions of the examination management you will find here on Studium Online

-Registration and deregistration for examinations
-Information about registered examinations
-Information about deregistered examinations
-Transcript of records

The functions of the student management

-Changing contact data
-Information about fees Link to new Portal
-Certificates of study

have been available since 15 Nov 2016 in the new student portal. For using this student management you will have to login again with your Hohenheim user account.

Students with login problems have to contact KIM.
Password changes can be carried out with the IDM of the University of Hohenheim.

Instructions for students
Instructions for examiners

Verification of study reports